Selina Wilkie

FURIA Co-Lab Athlete

Australian Raw IPF Powerlifter

Athlete Bio

I started my powerlifting journey in 2016. Prior to this I was a sprint hurdler and had the privilege to represent Queensland and Australia at an international level in the Pan pacific games. My athletics training had me in the gym weight training regularly to help me build a solid foundation, gain strength and the explosive power I now use for powerlifting. Following a few injuries I decided to call it quits on Athletics and just focus on getting my body heath and moving again. It was during this time I really fell I love with strength training.

I decided I wanted to take things more seriously and contacted the coaches at Hold Your Own. It was there in my first ever “strength test” that I realised just how strong I was and I haven’t looked back. In late 2017 after over a year of very specific training blocks I competed in my first ever powerlifting competition where I broke 2 Australian Junior records, won first place in my weight class and best female lifter of the day. Ever since this day I have had a fire in my stomach and a drive to get back on the platform that I cannot ignore. I hope one day to be able to represent Australian at the IPF worlds and compete with some of the most amazing female athletes in my sport.

Co-Lab Involvement

Selina played a central role in testing and refining the Hero Strength Tights prototypes, ensuring they were up to the task of supporting elite level athletes during the toughest of training sessions. By the time the tights were ready for production they had seen multiple iterations of design adjustments, with some prototypes clocking over 6 months of gym time without issue. Because of Selina’s contributions to the development of the Hero Strength Tights, athletes across all disciplines can have 100% confidence that these tights will endure any level of training.

Furthermore, Selina’s involvement in product testing demonstrates the strength, versatility and superior quality of the Italian fabric utilised in the Hero Strength Tights. While typically fitting a size S in most brands, she completed the majority of product testing in our XS pair for increased compression and support. The fabric’s excellent stretch and strength qualities performed with zero issues and most importantly remaining non-see-through.


Selina Wilkie features in the following videos: