Nicole Howarth

Nicole Howarth

FURIA Co-Lab Athlete

INBA Figure Pro

Athlete Bio

Three and a half years has seen me enter and compete in three different seasons of bodybuilding competitions in all categories, from angels, fitness model and most recently as a figure competitor. The idealistic perfect progression. I was lucky enough to place top 5 in every division I’ve ever entered. Always wanting to better myself. Always wanting to improve. During my most recent season I competed in 5 different shows over a span of 7 weeks, traveling to the Australian Nationals in Sydney and earning my pro card as Ms Figure Overall Australian Champion. I went on to place 3rd in my first international Pro show.

I found a love for training and sharing both my story and knowledge with those I’ve met along the way. Encouraging always, and enforcing that it’s not that we ‘don’t have time’ it’s that we simply choose not to prioritise it. Three and a half years of training.. imagine what I will achieve with three and a half more.. remain humble, remain real and continue to inspire and motivate anyone I meet along the way.

Co-Lab Involvement

Nicole has been instrumental in the design and development of the Hero Strength Tights since day 1. She has rigorously tested the very first prototypes that were developed, providing valuable feedback for the refinement of each subsequent iteration in the prototyping phase.

Being an accomplished Figure Pro and leader in the industry comes with many tough training sessions. Our Hero Strength Tights have been put to the test throughout many of these sessions and deliver comfort, support and durability. Being 100% “squat proof”, these are some of Nicole’s go-to training tights for big leg sessions.



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