Damon Forrest

FURIA Co-Lab Athlete

ANB Bodybuilding Pro

Athlete Bio

Damon has been weight training for the last 11 years and has competed since 2014. Having earned his Natural Bodybuilding Pro Card and working as Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of DynamicBody Labs, Damon’s experience and knowledge is among the best in the industry.

Co-Lab Involvement

Having one of the best natural physiques in the country, Damon was an ideal athlete to collaborate with on the design and development of the Hero Strength Tee. Pushing the prototypes through some intense weight training sessions, Damon played an important role in determining the best fabrics to use for superior stretch and rapid drying capabilities. In addition to utilising quality materials, getting the fit right was also of extreme importance. Therefore, working with an award-winning physique during the prototyping phases ensured we had a solid foundation from which to create the ideal training and lifestyle tee.